Residential 7-Bed Property, Clapton

North london

While we work on projects with budgets of hundreds of thousands of pounds or those with complex commercial demands, we also occasionally work on smaller residential projects, like the extension of this home in Stoke Newington. In this case we were contacted by a developer we know well. They had been instructed to extend a 4-bed Victorian house into a 7-bed residence.


What we did on this project – the summary

The developer that instructed us has been using our services for the best part of a decade on a wide variety of new-build and refurbishment projects. This project was all about quality, the installation and design of a high-end LED lighting system, state-of-the-art alarm system and a new speaker system throughout the downstairs areas of the house.


The challenge

We were given six months to design and install all the electrics required to make this refurbishment and development project look and feel every bit as exclusive as our client imagined it to be.


  • Alarm System – When we say ‘state-of-the-art’, we mean it. This alarm system was for inside and outside the property, covering every way in or out. It has cameras and detectors, it was designed to protect the property and its occupants from fire and burglary, and it is controlled via a smartphone app. Essentially, it was the ultimate in homeowner convenience and safety. We are very proud of our work on this.
  • LED Lighting System – Low-energy usage lighting systems are everywhere these days. Developers know that by installing them they make their properties all the more appealing because of lower energy bills and the longer life of bulbs, which means less maintenance – convenience, reliability and cost savings – it’s the perfect trio. Our instructions were to make this property look special, so all our LED lighting work was made to measure for this project.
  • Speaker System – Every respectable premium refurbishment should have a high-end speaker system installed in the walls and ceilings, unobtrusively connecting you, wherever you are in your home, to the streaming service of your choice. The extension our clients were building on this family home provided lots of space downstairs, so the speaker system we installed had to ensure quality of audibility in a variety of spaces.


If you are refurbishing your home or extending a property for a client, consider how much more incredible the property will look and feel when installed with all the toys a homeowner could wish for or with the electrical infrastructure provided for the modern technologically equipped buyer to utilise. At AAK, we can help make that happen. We’ve worked on some really stylish residential projects, so call us today to discuss the intricacies of yours.


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We were amazed and very happy with the service AAK provided for our new workshop in Enfield.

The job was done with precision, attention to detail and was very neatly carried out. The fuse board was clearly labelled, and no mess was left when they finished. Pleasure to work with this company.

We will be definitely using them again and will be definitely recommending them to anyone that likes nice neat work to use them too.
Many thanks

Barzel Steel Ltd