Housing Association-12 Flats Clapton

North london

When you work with clients on numerous projects, you build trusting relationships. Such relationships make communication easier as both parties understand one another just that little bit better. So, when you are faced with a challenging project, solutions can always be found through the collaborative process. Our client on this project was a building firm that we’ve known for the best part of a decade and their client was a north London housing association. They were building a four-storey block of twelve flats, four of which were duplex apartments, and they needed an electrical contractor to manage the installation.


What we did on this project – the summary

We were involved in a broad range of electrical installations that included cabling, lighting, fire alarms, CCTV, and the intercom system for the block.


The challenge

The primary challenge on this project was the intricacy of the specifications and the layered decision-making process, both of which, in our experience, are commonplace on public sector projects. Having worked with other housing associations in the past, this was nothing new to us and we were happy to accommodate all their requirements.


  • Cabling – Due to housing association guidelines, everything we did had to be completed to very specific deadlines and quality standards. This might have flustered some electrical engineers, but not us.
  • Fire Alarms, CCTV and Intercom – Safety was a major concern so from the fire alarms to the security measures that we were asked to install, this block was provided with some quality tech to protect its occupants.
  • Lighting – Of course we installed the lighting on the inside of each apartment and in the communal areas, but we also were asked to light up the outside of the building, to provide lampposts and lighting in the alleyway down the side of the property and in the gardens.


This project took us two years to complete; it was a substantial undertaking, but once it was finished we were able to step back and give ourselves a massive pat on the back.


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