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When a commercial enterprise takes over a site or building, one of the first tasks that often needs to be completed is a refurbishment. This can range from a ‘spruce up’ to a tear down and build back up again and, of course, we have been involved on projects at both ends of this scale because there are always electrical improvements to be made – to meet legal, capacity, compliance or client-demand requirements.


What we did on this project – the summary

This particular project for structural steel specialists required a significant amount of electrical work, including the installation of all the cabling in the entire warehouse, including new electrical sockets and numerous smoke alarms to protect those who will be working in the building.


The challenge

Our client had decided to move their operations to Enfield, to a warehouse that had formerly been used by a company to sell car parts from. The building required a full refurbishment and we were recommended for the electrical side of the project.


The challenge, however, was that there were next to no useable electrics on site to start off with and our clients were on a deadline to move into the premises.


With just four weeks to complete a full electrical fit-out we set to work.


  • Cabling – The warehouse was to be used as both offices and a workshop with plenty of heavy-use electrical equipment for lifting and welding, as well as standard technology such as computers and printers, all requiring the right cabling to manage capacity and safety. While there was some cabling in the warehouse to start off with, it was established fairly early on that this would in no way be sufficient for the new demands of the site.
  • Electrical Sockets – We must have installed 50 to 60 new 3-phase sockets in the warehouse. The old ones were just not up to the job so new, safer, more reliable sockets were installed to comply with all current regulations.
  • Smoke Alarms – As the warehouse was to be used as both an office where staff would be working and as a workshop where welding was to be going on, there was a need for heightened safety considerations. One of these was the installation of a new sensitive, mains-connected, smoke alarm system throughout the building.


An additional challenge popped up after we had already started the project, as our client’s work commitments suddenly changed and they needed to be into their new building sooner than planned. The schedule needed to be accelerated, but we were able to allocate additional resources to the project and the client moved in in good time.


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