Modern New-Build 32 Flats, Leyton

North london

As a professional electrical engineering firm with over a decade’s worth of experience under our belts we have the capacity, the experience and the knowledge to be able to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. So, when a property developer we know well asked us to take on the responsibility of full electrical works for two, five-storey blocks of flats containing thirty-two apartments, this was just like any other Tuesday for our business.


What we did on this project – the summary

Full electrical works on this project entailed fire alarms, new wiring, a water pump to give the showers in the block that extra kick of power, solar panels, and lighting both inside and out.


The challenge

The developers building these blocks know us well and, therefore, we were asked to tender for this project. As usual, a combination of affordability and expertise won the day and AAK Electrical were instructed to carry out the full electrical works.


The challenge on this project was quality of workmanship. Everything we do is done with care but when you are responsible for the electrics in a development where the average price of each apartment is over £400,000 and the client demands a high-end installation, the expectations we place on ourselves are inevitably higher than usual.


  • Cabling – The entire development required wiring with high-end cables to ensure reliability, safety and capacity boxes were all ticked for a development of this scale and quality.
  • Fire Alarms/Smoke Alarms/AOV System – Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and an AOV smoke ventilation system designed to draw smoke into the stairwell of the blocks and open windows/vents at the top to let it out enables safer evacuation of the building should the worst happen.
  • Solar Panels – With public awareness of the environmental impact of fossil fuel use in electricity production, some developers look to add solar panels to their properties to improve their saleability. For others, it’s the energy cost savings that can be achieved thanks to a lower reliance on the National Grid that will make their properties more appealing to buyers in the area. Either way, we have seen an increase in demand for this side of our work.
  • Lighting – Safety is a big concern for buyers in North London – it was, therefore, of importance to the developer that the lighting in the car park and bike shed areas of the property were bright and reliable to give the property owners that added feeling of comfort and security.


The development took eighteen months to complete but the work was finished to the client’s satisfaction, to the expected quality standards, and was finished on schedule. The apartments are now on sale and we’re looking forward to our next project with this client.


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