Synagogue & Banquet Suite, Stamford Hill

North london

It is always satisfying to fight off competition to win a new contract. In 2017 we were asked to put in a competitive tender against a couple of other leading firms of electrical engineers. We’d not worked with the developers before, but our reputation had preceded us and they were keen to see what we had to offer. The project, which we’ve only recently completed, turned out to be an 18-month job carrying out all the electrical works in a brand-new building that was to house a synagogue and basement banqueting suite in Stamford Hill.


What we did on this project – the summary  

This project consisted of high-end wiring throughout, a sophisticated smart system for building automation, air conditioning, ventilation, LED lighting, solar panels on the roof, a high-tech speaker system in the halls and hallways, state-of-the-art CCTV security system and fire alarm.


The challenge

Although we were given a reasonable schedule at the outset, as often happens, the brief changed part-way through the project when the client purchased the property next door and incorporated its footprint within the specifications without any change to the completion date.


We were given six months to design and install all the electrics required to make this refurbishment and development project look and feel every bit as upmarket as our client wished it to be.


  • Smart System – The primary purpose of the automation system we installed was to control the lighting in the building. In a venue where religious ceremonies and festivities take place on an almost weekly basis, ambiance and frugal cost management are two vital goals. A lighting system that can offer numerous preset illuminations, is timed to go on and off to conserve energy and has the flexibility of a wide variety of manual controls was exactly what was needed.
  • Solar Panels – As is the case with many new buildings requiring planning permission today, the local authority places certain energy consumption stipulations on the approval. In this case, one of those stipulations was to lessen the draw on the national grid by using solar panels to take some of the electrical strain. We have been asked to install an increasing number of these for clients in recent years, so this was a simple addition to the project.
  • Speaker System – The reputation of the venue as a place for events to be held is tied up in the quality of the equipment available in the building and the speaker system is front and centre in this. We were instructed to install a high-end system in the basement party hall and throughout the hallways so music can be channelled to where it was needed, but also so announcements can be clearly heard wherever you are in the building.
  • Alarm System – Much like many religious centres today, this synagogue values its need for security, so we installed a state-of-the-art CCTV security system to ensure the safety of partygoers, members and congregation alike.
  • Fire Alarm System – We also installed a sophisticated addressable fire alarm system to cover the entire building with smoke and heat detectors. Being addressable means that you can tell from the control panel which sensor has set the alarm off to ensure a more rapid and appropriate response to any fire emergency.


The project was completed on schedule and the party hall has already started holding events for the community. This project is a great example of how we at AAK Electrical adapt when a client changes a brief. Was it challenging to get everything completed on time? Yes, of course, but we have been doing this for long enough to expect the unexpected and find a solution to make it work.


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