Stylish Residential House Tottenham

North london

It’s always nice to work with clients we’ve worked with before and on this project the building firm that instructed us have got to know us well, and have worked with us on a number of projects, over the last four years. This project was a particularly interesting one. Their client had asked them to pull down two 1950s homes and to construct a huge single property in its place. We won a competitive tender against other electrical companies, and were asked to join the team once again.


What we did on this project – the summary

As usual we were asked to carry out a full spectrum of electrical works on this project, including cabling, fire alarm and water sprinkler system, CCTV, LED lighting and audio speaker system installation.


The challenge

Over this recently completed eight-month project, the primary challenge was the detail the designer gave us to follow and the complexity of bringing their plan to fruition.


While we take on responsibility for designing the electrical specifications on many projects for clients, it not uncommon for us to receive plans to simply follow. But, due to the nature of the site and the expectations of the designer, this particular project had its fair share of challenges.


  • Cabling – As the existing properties had been removed and a new house constructed we were required to install all of the cabling in the property.
  • Fire Alarms – Because of the size of this new-build property and its location in Tottenham, one of the stipulations laid down by the London Borough of Haringey before planning permission was approved was the installation of a sprinkler system so we installed this as well.
  • Security System – It’s not surprising that a property of this scale requires a decent security system, so we provided the wiring and equipment for a sophisticated CCTV system to protect the eventual occupants and their possessions.
  • Lighting – LED lighting throughout. The designer chose what and where, we simply installed the 500+ spotlights.


The client was so happy with our work that they have already recommended us for another project and we are currently producing this quote.


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